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Monday, April 28, 2008

You cannot stop the Bear Grylls Post

You can only hope to contain it.

Little did I know when I whipped up an MS paint thought bubble over a hunky picture of Bear Grylls that this would be the post that would drive the most users to this blog. Yep, this is my most famous post.

In the months that followed, comments from the Bear Grylls Fanclub bubbled up on the blog pretty steadily at the rate of about 1 crazy person every two weeks. Here are the best ones.

FUCK... YOU... FUCKTARD. you obviously dont understand anything he does, try doing ONE of the things he does, any one. furthermore, do you think you'd do so good in a situation that he goes into, without the stuff you learn from hi. oh, and nice photo shopping, kudos to the 9 year old that did a speech bubble in paint

I'm not nine, I'm 38, but thanks.

You dont be hatin my bear grylls because you couldnt do half the shit he does.........he climbed everest probably live with your parents in the basement you dumb fag go eat a zebra wait bear already did that... boner jockey

Go eat a zebra?

I LOVE BEAR GRYLLS. hes awsom eand has a hilairiouse personality.

Even Bear Grylls couldn't fix this spelling. Not even if he parachuted into a library with only a Webster's Dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus.

Okay yes its true Bear did fake it, but why don;t you try and have a family while going out every other week to shoot your self surviving. I still watch his show for tips.
YourMom | 04.28.08 - 7:05 pm |

Mom? You too?

Well, since new episodes of our favorite show start on May 2nd, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit why Bear Grylls sucks.

Item #1
See how clever editing makes Bear look like he's n the middle of nowhere when really he's a short walk from a busy road.

Item #2
See how they shoot one episode in the same place they shot Jurassic Park. Stick around to the end to see the terrible wild Infants of Hawaii! Incredibly dangerous beasties!

Item #3
See the lengths they go to in order to fake things. Fake built rafts, dudes in bear suits and even buying a rabbit just to pretend he caught it, kill it and eat it. This last one is the most devastating, IMO.

Given all this, I would like to declare that the official survival expert of BuzzingFridge is Les Stroud of Survivorman. He doesn't have a crew. He's a filmmaker, too and sets up all his cameras himself. No assistance and so far, no cheating. Suck on that, Bear Grylls!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Super Bling

For your viewing pleasure. And yes, I had a very nice time yesterday with a bunch of Pats fans, thanks for asking.

My Gift To You

Er, um, well... Wired's gift to you - Top 10 April Fool's Pranks for Nerds.

I just pulled #4 on a co-worker.

4. Optical Mouse Confusion This is an update of the old mouse-ball-removal trick: A small piece of tape over the laser sensor on an optical mouse will cause it to go haywire. Just color the nonstick side of the tape with a Sharpie and then tape it over the lens.

A reader last year reported that someone at a major tech company (it rhymes with 'Frisco') was fooled by this trick four times in a single day. Sometimes the simplest pranks are the most enjoyable.

Might have screwed up his day, but I loved it. I'm gonna do it again to someone else. In other related news, they may find my corpse in a ditch later today.

And if you really hate your co-workers, open this image full screen on their pc.

Once they realize their monitor's not cracked, they'll thank you for showing them how futile it is to be attached to earthly possessions.