No alarms and no surprises, please.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh Fuck Me. We're screwed.

What's scarier than Bush behind the wheel of the hegemon, directed by neo-cons? Bush behind the wheel of the hegemon, directed by Jesus.

This ain't a political blog. There are enough of those. But I need to say something. It's time to seriously acknowledge that this war wasn't the creation of armchair neocon generals in Washington with a simple-minded view of the region out to secure our oil amidst the bonfire of democracy. I now believe that our president has entered us into a religious war and that he used WMDs and Saddam to get us crazy non-believers to go along with it.

I humbly refer you to my daily read, Froomkin's White House Briefing of August 4th, 2006. In it, Dan enumerates several examples of bible study and visits from apocalyptic prophecy experts, AT THE WHITE HOUSE. He gave the column the title, "What's the motivation?". That question has been answered for me.

Bush has many times expressed his sense that he was "called" to be the President. Could that have meant that God hates Social Security or the Death Tax?

Nope. I think it can mean only one thing. He wants to deplane from Air Force one just in time to greet Jesus at the Wailing Wall.