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Monday, November 20, 2006

Funny News?

Here's what's great about the idea that Faux News is looking to come up with anti-daily show to the Daily Show. Let them try it. It'll never work. Why? They're not funny.

This is not to say that conservatives aren't funny. I know a few that are. But, there's nothing that can come out of an organization like Fox News that's funny. It just can't happen. You know what will be funny? Watching them *try* to be funny. And the Monica Jokes. That will be sweet.

Plus, the key mistake is to think that the Daily Show is about democratic politics. It's foolish to think that you even need a response to the daily show. They're not partisan. They're iconoclasts. And the icons for the last few years have all been Republicans. They don't make fun of policy. They make fun of hypocrites and idiots. It's not the Dems' fault that most of them have had a little "R" after their name.