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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lieberman the centrist....

And when I say "center", I mean politically between McCain and Lindsey Graham. ArghGHGHGHGHHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!

Why did my fellow nutmegers vote for this lying bastid?


OMF FSM... Toast just pointed me out this article in the New Yorker about Holy Joe. This portion jumped off the page at me(and right out of the monitor and did a little jig on my cerebral cortex - the emphasis is mine).

To Democrats, Lieberman’s most vexing quality is not his early support for the war—Clinton, Dodd, and Edwards, among other senators, voted for the Iraq-war resolution in 2002. It is that no development—not the absence of weapons of mass destruction, or the Administration’s innumerable and well-documented mistakes in post-invasion Iraq—has lessened his admiration for President Bush or his belief that the war has aided America in its fight against Islamic terrorism.

“I’ve had a lot of disappointments along the way here,” Lieberman said. “So why do I trust President Bush in spite of the mistakes that were made, consequential mistakes? Because having watched him, having talked to him, I believe that he understands the life-and-death struggle we are in with the most deadly and unconventional enemy, Islamic extremism. And that he has shown himself, notwithstanding all these mistakes, willing to go forward with what he believes is right for the security of the country, regardless of what it has done to his popularity.”

There's that word again. "I Believe". "He Believes".

That's the biggest thing Dubya and Holy Joe have in common. They're believers. At some gut level, they subdue their rational thoughts and replace them with irrational religious beliefs. Their religious beliefs cause them to be irrational about Middle East policy. Joe because of his understandable allegiance to Israel. Dubya because he's a nutty born again who thinks Jesus will return in Jerusalem and all the good people will be sucked up to heaven (I knew about the books, but they even make video games about this stuff - crazy).

When you look at these two infuriating men in that light, their actions (which are otherwise an unequivocal assault on reason) make complete sense. It also makes their potential to lead this country to ruin even greater. 2008 can't come soon enough.