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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogging Meme

Crap. I was tagged by Toast.

  1. Do you do most of your blogging at home, at work, or at some third space? (A coffee shop, perhaps, or a library. Or a genial tavern.) Mostly at work. That's when I'm most able to quickly pop out and write something up. I've posted some at home, but find myself away from the computer more there.

  2. Desktop or laptop? At work, my desktop. At home, one of my laptops.

  3. Mac, Windows, or other? Windows Server 2003 at work. Windows XP service pack 2 at home.

  4. Is your weblog a solo effort or a group blog? Just me. Not much of an effort, either. It's still in the larval stage. Not even sure what I'm trying to do here.

  5. Do you allow comments? Sure. A few people have even left them.

  6. Do you allow trackbacks? I'm not even sure what they are.

  7. Do you have a blogroll? Kind of. I have links to Toast and my buddy Manuel's music blog.

  8. What's your platform - Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad, ExpressionEngine, Squarespace, Drupal... Blogger. Is Very Nice. Wa wa we-wa

  9. Have you given serious thought to switching platforms; if so, why? Nah. I do this for fun. No reason to go too crazy about it.

  10. Who's your webhost? Blogger

  11. Happy with your host, or looking for a change? Is Very Nice.

  12. If GenericBigMediaConcern.Com offered you boxes of cash to have your blog incorporated into their online presence (ala Greenwald at Salon or Sullivan at The Atlantic), would you do it? Yeah, absolutely. Why not? In fact, if I could have one gig, it would be a fantasy sports blogger/commentator like Eric Karabell at ESPN. I wouldn't even have to move.

Tag... Manny, aka a man who knows music, especially the kind I like well enough that he'll say "just trust me, buy it" and I do and he's right.