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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

By far the best thing about is...

... reading it after a game where Curt Schilling stinks up the joint.

Not the start I was hoping for. Walking off the mound I knew my FB command was crap, and that I’d need to get it right fast.

Oooh... Our intrepid hero is experiencing the trials and tribulations of opening day! Alas, it wasn't meant to be!

I never let us get into the game after the first. Every inning they pushed and I didn’t push back.

Luckily pudgy Curt has the folks at Red Sox Nation to pick him up! From the Comments on Curt's post!

CountZer0 says:

Give ya’ credit dude — posting that was probably one of the more difficult things you’ve had to do, huh? I don’t think if I had a day at work like you just had I would be writing anything about it — except maybe a few choice words I wouldn’t repeat in front of the kids. :-)

Peace and better stuff next time.

Yes, blogging is brave and dangerous work. Good job, Curt!

Redsoxgrrrl says:
Thanks for posting even after such a tough day for you and the Nation. Let’s all shake this one off and get back out there strong the next time. Peace.

Wow. Such great fans. She sounds perky!

The apparently mis-named Skinnyman2007 says:
Don’t worry Curt it is only the first game. Wednesday it will be Josh and then the Man Dice K takes the mound. How do you think Dice K will do Curt? Curt it is like being on a diet some days you are focused and some days you are not. I am the one on the nutrisystem diet. Curt will you and the rest of your team mates give me support Curt while I am on the diet. Could I get a baseball autographed by David Ortiz to keep me motovatied. Take care Curt and I will keep you and the rest of the team in my prayers as you travel on the road. Curt final question what is your favorite verse from the Bible and why?

From, Jeff

Uh. Skinnyman2007 Jeff? You're a fucking nut.

Vicksp, offering tactical advice, says:

I noticed you didn’t throw inside much. Maybe you could have taken a page from Pedro and got them thinking with a few more pitches inside. It seems to me he threw inside more when he didn’t have his best stuff. In any case, hang in there and get’em next time.

Yes, it's true Pedro did exactly that. This in fact is what makes Pedro a complete fucking douchenozzle. He's also been known to throw old men to the ground and have a strange fondness for midgets. I wouldn't exactly choose him for a role-model.

Fridge says: