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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nintendo "Gets It"

They see that one way to really succeed going forward is to open your platform. That's how YouTube, Wikipedia, MySpace, etc. have become huge internet institutions. You allow smaller players to create content. That's what Nintendo is doing with a tool kit called "WiiWare".
They're sharing their technology with smaller independent programmers and will allow them to sell their games online through the Wii store. So far, all that's available there is nintendo created ports of older classics. But soon, for low,low prices like 5 bucks or so, you can buy all kinds of interesting games from a variety of new sources and download and play them through your Wii. It's the same model Mozilla uses with Firefox and its extensions.

In doing so, Nintendo has decentralized creativity. It understands that a platform is only as good as its games. So, the more creative people making games the better. They "get it".