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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm pretty sure that Robert Byrd thinks that Mike Vick is Barbaric!


Also, looks like new NFL commish Roger Goodell is all over Mike Vicks shiznit.

"I thought it was appropriate as a next step that what we do is tell Michael that he should not report to camp so that we can continue our review of the situation as quickly as possible, make some determinations about how it fits within the personal conduct policy and then make the next step from there," Goodell said.
Roger Goodell, you kick ass. I totally expected the NFL to punt on this and wait until a plea or verdict occurred. You know, the old Bush "ongoing investigation" line. Not Rog. No flippin' way. Nice job.

On a semi-related note, if you're looking for a dog to adopt (or some other animal, even). I found this link to after exporing a Basset Hound Rescue post at Shakesville. (link seems to be broken right now - site maintenance at shakesville - but click back later for a ridiculously cute picture of an old basset hound). The site is amazing and incredibly comprehensive. I found roughly 40 dogs within 10 miles of my house for adoption. The Fridge Canine Hotel is all booked up right now, but certainly when there is a vacancy, that will be the first place I look.