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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mike Vick. Please Go Away.

Seriously, Mike? You were part of killing at least nine dogs? By hanging, electrocution, drowning and "slamming the dog's body to the ground"? There are incredibly gruesome details at that link.

I simply can't imagine how anyone can do what you did (ok, allegedly, whatever). I mean, starting a side business ("Bad Newz Kennels" - FYI, there's no 'z' in 'news') explicitly to raise dogs and train them to try kill each other? What kind of person does that? Dogs, even naturally aggressive breeds like Pit Bulls don't do that naturally. They are like any other animal. They want to eat, sleep, play and procreate. You have to teach them how to want to kill like that. And a person who would do that simply becuase it's "gangsta" is fucking totally morally bankrupt. It's certainly not someone I could ever root for on the football field, as I used to. And frankly, I'd prefer if I never had to see you again. Which is a shame. Vick is an amazing football player and highly entertaining to watch - really a once in a lifetime talent. I forgave him his "Ron Mexico" moment, because hey, all 20-something millionaires sleep around. But this is different. This tells me you are essentially a bad person. Please go away. Leave my favorite sport immediately. Thanks.

Besides, Vince Young is better.