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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Audacity of Plaxico

I'm really enjoying blogging the Giants Super Bowl run and the hype that surrounds it. Can you tell?

Here's the latest media lunacy. An AP article in which Plaxico Burress makes the unbelievable claim that the Giants have WRs that may be better than the Patriots. Jesu Cristo! He's cerifiably insane? Why would he want to fire up the Pats before the big game? Is he delusional?

Plaxico Burress has made some amazing catches.

And this amazing statement:

His Giants may have better receivers than the Patriots' very deep group of Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Donte' Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney.

The response from New England? No laughter, no putdowns, no he-said-what?

Just check out what happens on the field.

"The good thing about the National Football League and I think in life, you have opportunities," Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said, "an opportunity to make sure that comes to light. So we'll see."

So, what was the actual quote that led this writer to believe that Burress said that? It's found about half-way down the article after the writer has statistically debunked the ridiculous Burress claim that he paraphrased with words of his own choosing.

Burress, though, is very confident, no matter what the numbers say.

"We have guys that can go out and do things just as well or maybe better than some of those guys," he said last week.

'Just as well or maybe better than some of those guys.' Boastful prick! Someone needs to teach him some humility!

What question, would you imagine, preceded this Burress claim? I dunno, something like.... "How do you think the Giants receiver corps ranks next to the Pats?" What is he supposed to say? "We suck?" Let's look at the linked daily news article that also debunks this "claim" with stats but provides more of Plax's comments too.

Still, when asked if he would put the Giants' receivers right up there with the Patriots', Burress said, "I don't see why not. We're both going to be on the same field on (Feb. 3)."


"Moss is a great player," Burress said. "Welker is a great addition to what they're doing right now. What they've done as far as setting records and touchdowns and the No. 1 offense in NFL history, those guys are supposed to get a lot of credit. Definitely one of the reasons their offense is the way it is, is because of their receiving corps. I have a lot of respect for those guys. Those guys are great players. They deserve all the praise that they get."

Cocky sonovabitch!

Seriously, we need to put an idiot filter on all Super Bowl hype stories. Two weeks is just too much time to fill between games for these dopey sports writers. 'Course it doesn't help that I keep reading them all.