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Friday, February 08, 2008

Name The Play, my favorite NY Giants message board site, had a thread asking for a nick name for the incredible Manning to Tyree escape and throw. Here's the best one, IMO. It's from a very funny poster named 'Davisian' -

The "OMG I was like "Oh shit, he's gonna get sacked, we're gonna lose," but then Eli was all "nuh-uh, I'm gettin outta here" but the Pats guys were like "well, I'm grabbin some Jersey" but Eli was like "you can't stop me with a jersey pull" and then I was like "holy shit, he got away" but then it looked like Vrabel was going to KILL him, so I was all "Throw the ball Eli!" but then I thought about the possibility of a pick, so I was like "But don't throw a pick." Then he heaved it and I was like "Please let a Giant catch the ball" and I saw Tyree and Harrison and I was like "Oh FUCK its Tyree" but Tyree was all "Fuck yo Mama, I'm makin this catch" and Harrisonw as like "fuck no you ain't" but Tyree was like "Bitch safety getting pwned sez what?" and Harrison was like "Take THAT and THAT, but Tyree was all "That didn't hurt, I can do it with one hand and my head fool" and he held on an I was all "WOOOOOHOOOO! FUCKIN A" and the Patriots were all "Dude.. that sucked.." and the Giants were all "KUNG FUUU!" and all sorts of reactions and shit, and even though I was drunk as shit, I'll never forget it.." Play

That had me spitting coffee all over my monitor.

P.S. Leave it to Tiki to find a way to take some credit for the Super Bowl win.