No alarms and no surprises, please.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Sucks

I hate it, and for good reason. And not just for the cliche reasons that it's manufactured and arbitrary - which of course it is. Not because most men secretly resent having to gin up some B.S. romantic escapade on a random Thursday knowing that tomorrow, their ladies will mostly be comparing notes and trying to gauge where their man's efforts rank in the general romantic gift/evening population (although the certain sex helps). Not because of the absurd competition for presents, roses from Guatemala and reservations at hotels and restaurants that can really drive a guy nuts. Not because of the futility of trying find a stupid Hallmark card that can represent actual feelings of love. Everybody knows that stuff.

Nope, I have specific reasons to hate today. Reasons that aren't about love and bitterness in general, but this day in particular. The details of these reasons probably aren't best suited for discussion on a blog, but suffice to say that somebody done did me wrong. It involved Valentine's Day. And every year on this day I'm reminded of it.

Today, my iPod is shuffling on the "fuck you" playlist. So, take your la-de-la-lovey-dovey bullshit elsewhere. Check back tomorrow for good humor and moderation.