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Monday, June 23, 2008

Romo Vs Eli

I've had several lengthy (and likely tedious for others) arguments about this very topic with John Howard. Sports arguments are always fun for me and over the years I've had lots of fun teasing Cowboy fans about Troy Aikman's overrated status among all-time QB's. There's nothing as enjoyable as arguing largely qualitative analysis with ultimate certainty. But, this is apparently not just a phenomenon between me and John over at TwoGlasses. analyst and Sirius radio host Pat Kirwan acknowledged that Romo Vs Peyton's brother is actually a very popular debate. He puts forth a short and sweet breakdown, ending disappointingly in a tie (better for radio fodder, I'd guess). But, I think Kirwan's real vote is found in his last passage before pimping his radio show.

So after this breakdown it is a split decision, but if you like playoff football and division play Eli Manning is the winner. If you like regular season and personal achievements then Romo is the winner.

Yeah, I'd say that pretty much sums it up.

Still, it puts Cowboy fans in an difficult position. How does one say that Aikman was great because his team won many times in the playoffs and Super Bowl and then say that Romo is great because of his November dominance and in spite of his January disappointment? I mean, Aikman probably has the worst career statistics of any HOF QB. All Romo has in his favor is a year and a half of statistics and some lousy playoff performances. Can they both be 'great'?

I don't really have that problem. All my Giant QBs have been the win-ugly-just-get-it-done types. I'm much more comfortable with that than a smirking playboy who wants to be a pro golfer. Maybe that's just me, though.