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Friday, March 23, 2007

Conservapedia - Baseball

I was messing with a buddy at work, playing the true "Ugly American" basically denying that baseball's origins began with cricket. See, he's originally from India (although now an American citizen) and he likes cricket. I told him I'd only believe that if it was in Conservapedia. So I went and checked. No entry. So I created one.

Here it is. Feel free to change it.

"Baseball is a team sport created in the United States of America. It has no relation to cricket. In fact, on the eight day, God created baseball because there was nothing on television. It came out fully formed and hasn't evolved in any way with the exception of some minor changes to the collective bargaining agreement."

Updated: Wow. That lasted all of 10 minutes. They already edited it and got rid of the truest parts. My username and IP has been blocked.