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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

James Dolan uses "surge" strategy on the Knicks

Because, you know, more of a bad thing is always the answer...

I think Isiah has clearly done a pretty good job of coaching the team. What he's been pretty spotty at is building the team. His main problem is that while almost every move has increased the talent level of the team, every move also has two problems: Zeke consistently overpays and the pieces don't fit when they get on the floor.

Even still, if he did nothing else, he traded for Curry who is a truly dominant offensive force and drafted David Lee, who is the second coming of Charles Oakley. And unlike any Knick team since the Van Gundy regime, this team plays with passion. Unfortunately, they're still not very good because they don't play consistently.

The 2008 season ticket slogan. "Your New York Knicks: you can watch them without barfing or slipping into a coma"