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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rove on Lieberdouche - "He's a personal friend"

Under the headline "GOP Gave Joe a Boost" the hometown Courant has this little gem.

On primary day, White House political guru Karl Rove called the senator. "He's a personal friend," Rove said later. "I called him. It was a personal call."

I know this isn't news per se, but Jesu-fucking-Cristo is it frustrating to see that little tidbit as Joe solemnly ponders his future and decides how best to end his tenure as a Democrat once and for all.

Sure, this is the public statement:

Lieberman has maintained that he has no intention of switching parties. He says that he is trying to use his independent status to build new coalitions and look for new approaches to bringing colleagues together.

So far, those new approaches have mostly been chastising critics of the President as "emboldening the enemy". If you're delusional like Joe and thing that you've been a "persistent critic of the Administration" (not the aforementioned 'personal friend') you might expand your delusion to think that is a new approach. It's not really. It's the same ol' H.J.B.S.

How is Joe's tenure as a Dem gonna end? With a lot of serious soul-searching, taking only breaks for the sabbath and FoxNews before regretfully laying the blame at the feet of the Democratic Party who abandoned him while being consoled by Tim Russert. But, hey, you haven't lived until you've nestled into Big Timmeh's loving arms and gotten a kiss on the forehead. The man has pillow-soft lips.

Strangely, I look forward to that day. Sure, it will be hugely frustrating to see my home state Senator finally turn against my party. But the wolf will have at least cast off his sheep's clothing and the Democrats who couldn't stomach a vote for Ned Lamont will finally see what they've done. And it will pave the way for his natural heir Dick Blumenthal to take over.