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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Movie Review - Hot Fuzz

This is the latest film from the dudes who brought you the highly enjoyable Shaun Of The Dead. Where Shaun addressed the ubiquitous Zombie movie, this one goes after Michael Bay-style-buddy-cop movies.

They don't spoof these movies - this isn't the Airplane! or Spaceball of buddy movies. Instead, they rather religiously utilize the mandatory plot devices (odd couple buddy pairing, scooby doo style accumulation of evidence) and employ the stylistic cliches (this movie is very loud and with flamboyantly macho editing) that have been drummed into our brains for the last twenty years of films like Lethal Weapon, Bad Boys, Die Hard etc.

The result is a lot of great fun. Clever bits abound in a tightly wound script. The movie is self-referential in it's parody, as both of our buddies - Nicholas Angel, hyper-competent and successful London cop and Danny Butterman, lovable schlub local cop - draw their greatest inspiration from their two favorite movies: Point Break and Bad Boys II. Two, excellent choices, no? Enjoy!

Sidebar: Here were last nights trailers and my line-item thoughts.
1) Balls Of Fury - Ping Pong comedy. Christopher Walken. Looks funny.
2) Superbad - makers of 40 yr old Virgin make a highschool movie. Kid from Arrested Development. Looks Funny, too. But, can I get into high school movies?
3) 28 Weeks Later - Zombies! Bah...
4) Delta Farce - Ugh. "Blue Collar Comedy" dudes make a movie about stupid national guards dudes that accidentally invade Mexico when they are supposed to be deployed to Iraq. Is it unpatriotic to make fun of Guardsman and a war that is still going on?
5) Knocked Up - #1 in the "comedies Fridge wants to see" list. Here's why: Uber-Hot Katharine Heigl and the dudes from 40 yr old virgin. Funny trailer here.

Rating: 3 out of 5 possible couches.