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Friday, April 27, 2007

Dog Blogging

Take that, Cat Bloggers!

This is Remy, who joined the Fridge family almost 2 years ago. We brought him on board when a former co-worker of mine who was Remy's previous owner left the idyllic shores of CT to go work at some crazy startup named Google (doesn't he know this internet thing is waaay overrated? Terrible career move...). Remy's on the order of magnitude of 10-12 years old, but we can't be more specific - the carbon dating data isn't back yet from the lab.

He's a strange stew of Doggie DNA, but I was told he's part catahoula. The catahoula is the state dog of Lousiana, hence the Cajun name and the spots.

I like to think of Remy as "The Larry David of Dogs". This is to say that he's generally cranky and innappropriate, but there is something endearing about his annoying peccadilloes. I'm often reminded of the Costanza line from the Seinfeld episode - the Marine Biologist, "The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli".

Remy is our old man trying to send back soup at the deli. He's a notorious couch hog, and despite our best intentions, his breath always smells like he just ate tuna salad. He's likely to bowl my son over on the way out the door and god forbid any old ladies walk past my house, lest they feel Remy's wrath. He feels firmly entitled to being the #2 dog in our little pack - behind me and ahead of my wife, kids and our female yellow Lab. He's been known to knock over the occasional garbage can and once peed on a foam spiderman couch that my kids loved. In short, he's a little obnoxious at times.

All of these caused much consternation as he was integrating into our family. Now, I wouldn't change any of them because they're so "Remy". He's my boy. At the end of every night, he's staked out his postion next to me wherever I'm sitting and staring up at me with the "I love you, man!" face. Good boy, Remy.