No alarms and no surprises, please.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Quick Hits

- In case you're not familiar with "case modding", it's putting the guts of PCs in weird containers. I've seen cool mods with retro wooden radios, pianos, all kinds of neat furniture. I've also seen them with retro toys like GI Joe hover crafts and the Millenium Falcon. This is not either of those. This is far stranger and more disturbing. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you COMPUBEAVER.

- Is it coincidence that the uniform number that is sweeping across major league parks this Sunday (subscription req'd) and the answer to the great question of life are both 42? I think not. It may in fact be the greatest evidence I've heard of intelligent design.

- If you waste your time watching only one thing today, please let it be this installment of "Chatting with Charley" from GodTube. In it, he explains all the ways that a regular bird couldn't possibly evolve into a woodpecker. I love this guy. And I especially love how he's checking out an oscilloscope right when the video starts and then he says, "Oh, Hi!". I may have to ask my IT department to block GodTube.

- The Opera-based Browser for the Wii is out of beta and free. I love my Wii.

- In a momentous event in science and evolution, we now know what a Tyrannosaurus Rex tasted like. Pretty much like everything else, they tasted like Chicken.

- Cross your fingers for me, people. Otherwise, I may increase the number of nailgun related injuries for weekend-warriors to 37,001. Seriously, the nailgun is to do-it-yourselfers as wireless internet is to laptops. Once you get it, you'll never go back. I have a ridiculous amount of finish work to do at my house and I never want to pick up a hammer again. Best 200 bucks I've spent. This week, I'm trimming the basement! Then I can put all my kids toys down there and stop stepping on fucking Thomas the Tank Engine!