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Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick Hits

- In the Pantheon of bad ideas, "Spiderman: The Musical" may deserve it's own wing. Seriously, WTF?

- Isiah Thomas declares the Knicks, "are the best 33-49 team ever assembled." Later, he declared the Bush Administration to be the best failed presidency ever.

- Ever wonder how the porn industry is dealing with the on-coming HiDef DVD sea change? Me neither. Here's a link to a CNet feature on it anyway.

- Dell says F! U! to Windows Vista. XP is once again available on new Dell PCs. Additionally, here's a report that Michael Dell himself is running the latest version of Ubuntu Linux on his personal machine. They're also offering Linux as an option now. Fascinating. Clearly, the shipment of Microsoft Kool-Aid was lost in his mail. I downloaded Ubuntu and I'm planning on setting it up as a internet PC for my daughter. She loves her some I'm also hoping to write up a post on my first Linux experience.

- LaDainian Tomlinson turned down the Madden Cover. The Madden Jinx is now on Vince Young. Sorry Vince. Couldn't we put it on Donovan McNabb?