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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

YouTube Metaphor - Cliffhanger Yankees

Today's YouTube Metaphor represents the 2007 Last Place New York Yankees.

The Yankees are represented by Sarah in the clip and are in serious danger of falling to their deaths. Brian Cashman is our hero, Sly Stallone and is desperately trying to save the Yankees from this awful April. His next attempt at salvation is to bring up 20 year old Phil Hughes, known to Yankee fans as "The Next Roger Clemens" (hopefully not the Next Mark Prior). Yankee fans are represented by Michael Rooker (also a bit player in the sublime western Tombstone). And Sarah's climbing harness represents $50 million Kei Igawa.

In this scene, the Yankee fans (Rooker) are pleading for Cashman to save the Yankees (Sarah). The harness fails, causing a stuffed animal to fall ominously(WTF? Derek Jeter's Bruised thigh, maybe?).

You can guess the ending. Hopefully, the Yankees will go out and craft a new one. But I am thus far, very frightened. Hold me.