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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Wanna Rock! ROCK!

Today, on the way to school, Twisted Sister's classic "I Wanna Rock" came on the radio. My kids perked up immediately. "Daddy! The Spongebob Song!" Yes, my little guys, the Spongebob Song. That's how they know it. You can see the finale of the fantastic(seriously) Spongebob movie below. They laughed, clapped and sang along. Rockin' Toddlers!

But before it was the Spongebob song, it was one of the greatest rock anthems of the 80's. And, I'd say one of the best videos of all time. My first concert ever was Twisted Sister opening for Iron Maiden. Your old Dad banged his then fourteen year old head and rocked the devil horns hard came home with ringing ears and a couple T-shirts I proudly wore to school the next day.

sidebar items:
- For my money, TS's best song was Burn In Hell.
- I'm both shocked and amused that Wikipedia has an entry for "devil horns". Seriously, Wikipedia is seriously approaching a real-life-non-portable version of "the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"

UPDATED: Good catch, Toast. It would be innappropriate for me to go to a concert at four years old. Fourteen is young enough for Maiden/TS.