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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Now would be a really good time to stop...

... YouTube parodies of Mac Vs. PC commercials. In fact, lets stop the original Mac vs. PC commercials on TV while we're at it. They were clever in the beginning and like most things Apple, very creative. Now, they're just pedantic, smarmy and tedious. And look what else they've done. They've filled up my goshdarn internets with even more tedious parodies.

At first, the parodies were clever, like this one pitting PS3 vs. the Wii

Then, the advertisements invaded the OS wars. Normally, the front lines were message boards where nerds battled for supremacy. Now, YouTube! Mac, PC and Linux - sponsored by Novell. Still moderately entertaining...

Then the home video geeks got in the act. I'm pretty sure you need to be a level 47 Paladin to think this one's funny.

Clearly the saddest example of all, here's a 40 year old dude in his mom's basement acting out Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics with his action figures in front of a sheet.

Lastly, from GodTube, Christian vs. Christ Follower. Which is kinda like Potato versus Potato, no? I guess not.

Don't quite get that one, but if those dudes want to fight it out up until they get called back to heaven, I have no problem.

Obviously, this clever campaign has run its course. Where my TiVo remote used to stop and rewind to the beginning of these commericals, I now speed past them with thumbs of disdain. Please, Apple. When the iPhone comes out in June, can we ditch these Ads? I am begging you on behalf of the intertubes.