No alarms and no surprises, please.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Quick Hits

- I touched an iPhone. And now I am cooler than you are. 20 words or less review. Excellent iPod. Surprisingly good phone. Good browser. Suck-ass keyboard. Don't want one.

- My son loves "Batman". Not the Christian Bale scary bat man. Not the be-nippled George Clooney. Nor does he like the non-descript Val Kilmer Batman or the be-hair-plugged Michael Keaton. Nay, people. He loves him some Adam West Batman! . Now that I've seen this movie a hundred times I need to say the following. 1) Lee Merriweather was one hot catwoman. 2) Frank Gorshin was sporting an impressive package in that riddler suit. 3) I was stumped when my Daughter asked me "Where are Robin's pants?" Good Question.

- Jericho starts back up on CBS tonight at 9PM. I missed the original, but the DVR is set now. I've heard good things from friends.

- Coming back to golf has been overwhelming in terms of golf technology. First, they got rid of the metal spikes on the shoes in favor of these funny looking plastic spider thingies and then there's these hybrid club doo-dads, square drivers and drivers with movable weight inserts. Woah. Luckily, my game is not at the point where technology is the issue yet. I'll have time to catch up while I continue to shake off the rust.

- Here is a cool clip from the movie "Starship Troopers". I never read the Heinlein book, and wrote the movie off as utter crap from the trailers. But, it was surprisingly good.

It also struck me as the closest thing to a movie version of my all-time favorite PC game, StarCraft. Here is the trailer for StarCraft 2. We'll be lucky to see it come out in 2008. It's production company is incredibly careful and deliberate and concerned with quality. It will likely be an instant classic. This trailer is cooler than any movie trailer I've seen in a long time. Click here if you're an uber geek and want to see the gameplay.