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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rule Of Law is even more passe than MySpace

It went out faster than the macarena and mambo #5. There was a time when it was of paramount importance.

It's important. It's critical. It defines our country for most of the countries throughout history, and anything that erodes, that taints, that corrodes, that diminishes the rule of law is something we ought to be mindful of and be very careful about. I don't want that torn down or diminished or turned into a peace of plastic that could be molded. I really believe that notion that no man is above the law. That's naïve of me, I suppose. There are some people who are above the law. But they shouldn't be. They shouldn't be. We should have a government of laws, not of men.

- REP. HENRY HYDE (R), Chairman, Judiciary Committee

That time of importance was 1998 when the country was reeling from prosperity, a violent war in Kosovo and fellatio.

Now? Not so much.