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Monday, July 30, 2007

States that have hosted Fridge

Chemist sez he may have done this before. Maybe so, but it's new to me, and pretty cool. I just wish we could choose the color for the state. Red sucks as a state color.

create your own visited states map

Without further adieu, here are the "States" I've been to in no discernible order.

1) Connecticut - Widely known for two things: Home state of our desipicable Senator Joe Leiberman and being the location of Fridge Headquarters.
2) California - Finally got to go to Califoria in 2005 for the Microsoft PDC. It's the convention for the geeky minions like me who make their living out of making stuff that crashes on windows boxes. I liked LA, but it really is like a bowl of concrete between the beach and the hills. Kinda freaked me out.
3) Oregon - Went to Portland for friend's wedding. I loved it there. I could enjoy living there. Plus, I pulled off a bravura performance with "the toast". I'm still hoping to get a hold of the video of that, so I can make myself a YouTube star. Anyway, I killed, such that this dude kept coming up to me and saying that we should "do standup comedy together". I'm not even sure what that means. Is it me, or does that sound like a come-on? I felt a little gay talking to him about it.
4) Florida - Home of Yankee Spring Training, Several Fridge friends and Disney. Love Disney.
5) Illinois - My brother went here for undergrad at U of Chicago. I think he was a sophomore or junior when I went to check him and the city out over thanksgiving break. It was really fucking cold. Frostbite inducing cold. I did not dig it.
6) New York - Love it. NYC is awesome. I went to school upstate at an institute that is now dead to me. Long story. Lots of variety in New York, from the city itself to Montauk, to Niagara to the Finger Lakes. Oh yeah and Binghampton.
7) Rhode Island - Wee little state with some cool east coast beaches and Newport. I really like Newport.
8) Maine - Remind me. 'Moose' is like 'Deer' same in plural and singular forms, no?
9) Massachusetts - Boston, Cape and the headquarters of the aforementioned
10) Wisconsin - Been to Madison many times when I first started in the software business. Mostly it sucks. In fact, one thing I remember is that Madison has a law that no building can be taller than the state capitol building. so you have this sprawling city where all the buildings are 5 stories or less. Stupid. Does have a cool college area near the U of Wisc.
11) Vermont - When I was in college and the drinking age was lower in VT than NY and the liquor was cheaper, I may or may not have loaded up my Subaru Brat with cases of liquor to bring back to my fraternity.
12) New Hampshire - Lake Winepessaukee (SP?). Or something like that. Went there on vacation. It looked just like Connecticut with a bigger lake. Yawn.
13) Georgia - Went to Atlanta in 1996 to visit a friend and watched the Yanks beat the Braves in game 6 from a sports bar crowded with Braves fan. Drunk as I was, I was decidedly not gracious to my southern hosts. I'm pretty sure I did the Tomahawk chop and might have mentioned the wife-beating allegations against Bobby Cox.... Moving on.
14) West Virginia - I went to a shit-kicker country bar that had 60 year old ladies selling jello shots and Honky-Tonkin Country bands. It was another world.
15) Kansas - Birthplace of Mom of Fridge. Went there when young with Mom to visit family. Remember it being hot and boring.
16) Virginia - Former location of Fridge Headquarters during attempt to cash in on irrational exuberance. Lots to do if you don't mind swimming in people. Severe lack of Dunkin Donuts is a major weakness.
17) Louisiana - Mardi Gras 1997. Five Days of Ludicrous Drinking. By the end, I was actually bored of drinking and was a little frightened by people in general. Loved the city. Wonder how different it is now.
18) Pennsylvania - Birthplace of Fridge (Pittsburgh!). Lived there again as twenty something shiftless loser. Mostly sucks with exception of Gettysburg, Hershey, Philly and State College on Gameday. Best described as two cities on either end with Alabama in the middle.
19) New Jersey - Home of the New York Giants and the Bada Bing.
20) Washington, DC - Not a state. When I lived in VA, I got to take my friends and family to the same DC attractions over and over! Yay!

Not bad. But my map is not nearly as red as chemist's. Stupid big box states out west. Go to one little place and get to color in a big-ass box of real estate. I need to pee in Wyoming, too.
21) Delaware - How could I forget Delaware? Well, it would be easy, except I saw a NASCAR race there once that really kicked ass. My only time at a NASCAR event. Surprisingly cool. Beer selection, predictably bad. My favorite note for this is that you can actually buy an extra seat just for your cooler. In fact, depending on the size of it, you may be required to. I love America.