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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Bowl Link Dump

- First up, I'm going to watch the G-Men up at Toast's place. Hope he has a defibrillator on hand because apparently sporting events can cause heart attacks. If the Giants pull off an upset, I'll go with a smile on my face, at least.

- Next, if I ever get tired of TO Crying, I'll be able to entertain myself with Romo singing Journey's Don't Stop Believing. Who am I kidding? I'm never gonna get sick of TO Crying.

- And if you think I'm picking only on Cowboys, here's an article for you. Romo may be partying with Jessica Simpson this off season, but Eli's offseason usually includes antiquing (!) Yes, clearly he really is not the typical swaggering, gunslinging, QB. Oy vey!

- Want to read a good article about Coach Coughlin, our red-faced maniacal sideline general? Here it is, from Pete Prisco who was the only beat reporter they had in Jacksonville during Coughlin's tenure. He recounts some seriously borderline control freakish behavior from the red-faced one. TC has really softened a bit since then.

- It's amazing how Tiki Barber, who was the best player on the Giants for several years, has fallen from grace with Giant fans, including me. He is a media guy who can't get an interview with his former teammates. And an unnamed Giant has said they wouldn't have made it to the Super Bowl with him because of his effect on the locker room - they refer to him as me-ki. Wow. I have to admit that it was hard not to root for Barber given how hard he worked, how good he was and how much he meant to the team. But I've never seen a guy leave and have the team turn on him like that. They must have really not liked him. Now, I don't either (and I'm almost certain that unnamed player in the second link is Strahan).

- Lastly, click here to listen to Bill Simmons' Super Bowl podcast. It's in two parts. The first half is Simmons and Aaron Schatz from Football Outsiders in "Two Pats Fans, One Cup". It's two Pats fans giggling and tying to decide if their team is gonna win - by 20 points or 30 points. The second is Simmons and Cousin Sal in the "Crying Game" with a Bitter Dallas Fan and a Pat fan trying to decide if the Pats are gonna win by 20 or 30. Man, I hope the Giants win and I can get to listen to these guys again next week.