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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Desktop Meme

My old school homies Wilde and Toast have started a show your desktop meme. I'm in, baby. Here's my work desktop.

Like Mr. Furious, I rock a dual monitor set up. Unlike Furious, they're only 17 inches a piece - not 20 inches (!). But, it's not the size of the monitor, it's the.... whatever.

I just use some canned background that came with Windows Server 2003 (I love Win2k3!), because this is a machine for work. I almost have both monitors covered with maximized apps. I don't adorn the background at work with kid pictures. I litter my office with them, instead. To me, dual monitors for work is an absolute must have. I always thought it was a luxury until I got a second one and now I can never go back.

I'm with Toast on the superfluous icons. They need editing. In fact, I almost never launch anything from my desktop. The only time I use the desktop at all is when I want to have a convenient place to save off throw away files. There's a couple SQL files and a CSV file that are exactly that. The rest of the icons are crappity crap and should be purged. Oh, and there is a cameraphone picture of my daughter at a birthday party when she was 4. Here's that. Far cuter than anything on my desktop.

I'll update this post from home with my home PC. That one is more personalized and I'll even take a pic of the PC itself, which I built with my own two hands. Well, that is, my two hands and

Updated: My desk is too messy for pics right now and I need to go watch LOST. But here's my home desktop. No dual Monitors here, but I am rocking a nice 22" widescreen. By far, the most expensive piece of my build your own PC. Love it. My kids look a bit stretched in widescreen, eh? If you look closely, you can see desktop icons for the glorious "orange box" and if you look REALLY closely, you might even notice that Emma and I were belting out a sweet duet to High School Musical as I was hitting Ctrl and PrtScn - I do the Troy part and she's Gabrielle. Haven't messed with my widget doohickey yet. I'm not doing my laptop, too. Too much work.