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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Donuts in the Kitchen

I just dropped off Donuts in the office kitchen. This is the email that I sent to my co-workers.

And God spoke unto Noah and said "Make for me the finest confection that the world I have given unto you has ever known!"

And Noah said unto the Lord, "Dude. I totally have that covered. We already have that. We call them 'Donuts'"

And Noah gave unto the Lord a Boston Creme with Sprinkles. And the Lord looked upon the confection and saw that it was good.

And when the Lord took a bite of the confection, he knew it was freakin' awesome.

And Noah said unto the Lord, "See? I told ya."

And the Lord unto Noah, "Wow, you were right. Um, I have this other idea about a boat..."