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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sweep the leg, Osi!

Tom Brady is a bit dinged up. That's football for ya. It happens. However, if knows it, clearly the Giants know it and will certainly try and test how much it's healed by next Sunday. Is it unethical to do so? Is it wrong to literally try to hit Brady in that leg and try and make it hurt a bit - not illegally of course, but within the bounds of the rules?

Were it Eli (who separated his throwing shoulder earlier this year and played through it as I'm sure Brady will play through this), would we expect anything less than that from the HGH taking, illegally videotaping, eye-poking Pats? Don't think so.

And so, the official position of BuzzingFridge on this is "SWEEP THE LEG". Kobra Kai, baby!